Sunday, 3 June 2012


Having countless dimensions and large domain of thoughts and imaginations
Mind always struggles to come out of the bewilderment.

Every phase of life
Compelling it to ponder more and more
To find the brighter path
Understand the myths
Get away the strangeness
And believe in own self.

Analyzing the best at every moment
Deciphering what is partially present
Helps the person to get the clarity of mind

Being philosophical, thoughtful
Opening its unvisited doors 
Knowing about the regrets, past mistakes
Realizing the unobserved and unseen
Learning how to overcome
How to smile on the embarrassing and weird moments
Every dimension imbibes a lot to relax the mind

 Those who refrain to go deep on thinking about the everyday
Avoid spending time to assess 
Often find themselves in the Bewilderment

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Those lovely creatures who speak to us through eyes,
 Actions and soul

Humans fail to understand
the innocence, the suffering 

They avoid the wilderness

But these playful and cuddly ones 
always try to amuse us.

We exclude them from the shelter of compassion and pity
yet complains if fellow men do the same to us.

The unconscious cruelty 
often kills the human spirit in us.

God created nature as their shelter
 But humans have developed
 As a new definition for it
But these sensitive creatures,
 Follow both rules of existence

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


 © April 2011

 For the sunshine, for the autumn leaves,
 For the foggy winters;
 And for the essence of everything serene and divine,
There is one GOLDEN SMILE.

The loneliness at sunset, 
the silent water, 
the fall of leaves,
 the storm,
 the blossom
 And the calm drizzle defines
 something undiscovered and undreamed

I searched for it, I tried to imagine it, 
I tried to draw, sketch and paint it too
 But the mystery continued. 
I was inquisitive to solve the riddle of one blurred and dimensionless picture
 that appears sometimes out of nowhere in many thoughts. 

And one day I took my camera;
 I looked into the lens 
And got interacted with a strange yet soulful something. 
And I found

The enigma besieged in her eyes
 has the flavor of first love in the fall of autumn leaves.
 It steals my senses,
 it steals my consciousness,
 it steals my mind too 
But the deceptive greenery in front of her eye-lashes never let me fall asleep
 And whenever I close my eyes 
I feel an ‘enigma’ !

And there it was

Sunday, 13 May 2012


©  april |2011

We hear it with ears but it's the heart that helps us imbibe the profundity
Imagine a world with no music in it
We could miss feeling ourselves, who we actually are

We follow our heart, we start believing in some emotions never felt,
Power of music is peerless.
 It entertains, amuses and cheers us when among many,
It exhorts us often when we await the sunshine under murky clouds.

And sometimes, in silence,
When we are filled with bewilderment;
In search of our own,
Inquiring about reasons, one after another;
Music heals the mind, and then we realize the best of it

Something that is inside us, which can be revealed only in the silence
We start getting answers,
Understand the jumbled notes never seen;
We realize that,
There is no rule which bounds music, which pegs it in a box or a book;

It’s all about the instincts, feelings,
And the sound of silence.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

 ©march | 2010


Something that makes you a philosopher at times, 

at times a poet 

and a deep thinker. 

It makes you emote, express and feel the inner self to the core.
It creates an urge to envision the unseen.

People often say 
“I love walking alone" 
" I like getting wet in the rains”,
"I can spend hours watching stars at my terrace"

The loneliness, the sadness, the craziness, the zeal, the smile, the love, the excitement,
It helps in defining every expression 
for most of us, who often miss the chance!!

For me this something is a tool to express everything what I feel about myself and everything that is inside me.

Friday, 13 April 2012



©Abhishek | 2011

Something that makes you a believer,
A definition for the calm and glistening eyes.
Makes hearts and minds vulnerable,
Brings shine to the murky and afflicted thoughts.
Helps you get away from the miseries,
Provides happiness through the faded dreams,
And  creates the sound of wisdom and victory.