Sunday, 13 May 2012


©  april |2011

We hear it with ears but it's the heart that helps us imbibe the profundity
Imagine a world with no music in it
We could miss feeling ourselves, who we actually are

We follow our heart, we start believing in some emotions never felt,
Power of music is peerless.
 It entertains, amuses and cheers us when among many,
It exhorts us often when we await the sunshine under murky clouds.

And sometimes, in silence,
When we are filled with bewilderment;
In search of our own,
Inquiring about reasons, one after another;
Music heals the mind, and then we realize the best of it

Something that is inside us, which can be revealed only in the silence
We start getting answers,
Understand the jumbled notes never seen;
We realize that,
There is no rule which bounds music, which pegs it in a box or a book;

It’s all about the instincts, feelings,
And the sound of silence.

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