Sunday, 3 June 2012


Having countless dimensions and large domain of thoughts and imaginations
Mind always struggles to come out of the bewilderment.

Every phase of life
Compelling it to ponder more and more
To find the brighter path
Understand the myths
Get away the strangeness
And believe in own self.

Analyzing the best at every moment
Deciphering what is partially present
Helps the person to get the clarity of mind

Being philosophical, thoughtful
Opening its unvisited doors 
Knowing about the regrets, past mistakes
Realizing the unobserved and unseen
Learning how to overcome
How to smile on the embarrassing and weird moments
Every dimension imbibes a lot to relax the mind

 Those who refrain to go deep on thinking about the everyday
Avoid spending time to assess 
Often find themselves in the Bewilderment

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